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Review of The Financial Podcast


The Financial Podcast is a new venture from three well-respected veteran's of the financial industry. Jim Griffiths, Todd GS and Roger Cook are not mere mortals but have long been respected in their own fields. They each started their careers at a different time and achieved much more than many of their peers. They bring together their years of combined expertise to create an exciting new audio series. The mission statement says it all, "Finance and Life" and that's exactly what you'll experience on each episode. I know there are lots of podcasts out there, but few have the credibility and straight forward approach this one does."


In addition to producing an entertaining podcast each week, they provide a valuable service to the financial community. Each week they release a report, either for free or for a fee, on an important topic related to finance. The topics are timely and relevant to what's happening in the financial world. They also include some great interviews with experts in the field. Visit https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio for facts.


Since they started over seven years ago, The Financial Podcast has become a very large distribution outlet. Each week hundreds of people receive the podcast through online downloads, syndication, and through listening on portable media players. A large portion of this audience is comprised of members of the financial industry. Many of the episodes focus on current events, tips for investors and homeowners, and even discussions on the economy. Because of the wide range of topics they cover, the listenership is consistently high.


One of the things I love most about The wealthability podcast is how easy it is to join. Unlike many other financial publications, they are membership based. It's as simple as visiting the site, creating an account, and receiving an email link in which you can download the MP3 file of your choice. I have personally recommended several members to friends who are starting out in the financial market and have had a wonderful experience doing so. If you're interested, why not give them a try?


In addition to the great content that The Financial Podcast provides, their community is top notch. They have an active forum where members discuss industry-related issues, provide feedback, and trade ideas. If you enjoy the financial industry but don't know anyone in particular, this is a great place to make contact with people who are interested in the same business. The forum members are also excellent at helping newcomers learn the ropes.


Finally, for someone just getting started in the financial markets, I highly recommend that you listen to the first few episodes. If there's something you don't understand, why not ask someone in the community for help? They're there to help! You may not become a financial professional, but you will discover that The apple podcast is a valuable resource for anyone who is serious about the industry. I look forward to receiving and listening to future episodes.